کنترلر برنامه پذیر HC003 + SD Card

کنترلر برنامه پذیر HC003 + SD Card

کنترلر پیکسل ال ای دی HC 003 با قابلیت کنترل 2048 پیکسل را دارا می باشد . این کنترلر دارای دو سوکت ورودی و خروجی سیگنال شبکه جهت توسعه می باشد ( قابلیت سنکرون کردن )  و بیشتر آیسي های پیکسل ها را پشتیبانی می کند.

از مزیت های این کنترلر می توان به کنترل دو خروجی SPI و DMX  اشاره کرد .

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Direction for use
● Follow the on screen prompts DMX512 master, in order to connect the decoder output signal line, to ensure that no short circuit between lines.
● boot state press "On / off" button off (the off state to the setup menu).
● Press the "UP", "DOWN" two key once, then the digital tube lights, then pressing the "Mode / Speed" key to enter the menu setting screen.
● The first screen of the controller "high-speed, low-set" digital display "S-HI" or "S-LO", press the "UP" and "DOWN" to select the IC (light strip is connected to high-speed mode Select the "S-HI", low-speed mode select "S-LO"), the factory default is the high-speed mode.
● Continue to press "Mode / Speed" key to enter the second screen "control points set", the number of decoders can be controlled. At this point four digit LED display for control point size, by "UP" and "DOWN" to subtract control points (long press can quickly adjust), the factory default is 50. You can set a total of 171 points.
● After setting, press the "On / off" button "Save" and exit.
● There are four buttons on the control panel, all buttons function as follows:
★ On / off: power on / off.
★ Mode / Speed: Mode conditioning / speed control switching function (digital display H is the first model adjusted for the speed adjustment display S)
★ UP: Mode + / + speed when in the mode to mode plus key regulatory function, which is in the speed adjustment function key is speed.There are 133 kinds of modes, 99 adjustable speed.
★ DOWN: Mode - / speed - when in the mode adjustment function as a model reduction, is in the speed adjustment function of the key is to slow down.
●Note: the controller after power-up, the red light will flash once each time the button.

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